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We are the leading provider of advanced security services with innovative technology, equipping businesses with ground-breaking IT solutions since 2008.


Plan, Design, Create and Innovate

SS Group provides cyber security, integrated ELV, and IT system solutions to corporate and government organisations in Malaysia, Singapore, and India. Comprising a team of highly qualified Engineers and Software Developers, we research and develop innovative technologies that meet the client’s needs.


Your One-Stop Solution

Cyber Security

Our network and security solutions protect your underlying networking infrastructure against illegal access, abuse, or theft. Safeguard the integrity of your network.

Integrated ELV

Our integrated ELV systems operate on a common platform where every connected system communicates and shares data via a standard open protocol.

IT System Solutions

Work confidently with our secure and seamless remote access. Our IT System Solutions provide extensive protection from cyberattacks and system intruders.


Cyber Security and Managed Services

We pair the best technology and cyber security systems with an integrated IT solution that meets your business’s needs. As a system integrator, we have delivered quality services for various industries, each with its own unique requirements to enhance business security.

Server and Networking

Set up dedicated servers, shared servers, firewalls, perform server migrations, maintenance and enable server virtualisation.

Data Centre and Cloud Solutions

Get onto the cloud to maximise efficiency and energy savings by centralising your network, combine with server virtualisation.

ICT Consultancy and Managed Services

Our team of consultants has the ICT skills and business acumen to help you meet your operational objectives and resolve problems.

Software Development

Get highly customised software solutions programmed for your specific needs to achieve superior performance, efficiency and experience.


Our security system gives companies total control over every movement within the facility for the best facility security management solution ever devised.

Smart ELV Pro

The product of 11 years of R&D, our Smart ELV Pro integrated system solution represents the platform by which we design.


Host up to 99+ Virtual desktops from a single centralised server that can be accessed remotely by users anywhere via a cost-efficient server.

On-Premise (IVA)

Build scalable video surveillance systems with our video management software and analytics for IP cameras from 1 to infinity. Unite, set up, manage, and monitor systems from anywhere in the world.

Cloud (IVA)

It is possible to deploy cloud video surveillance and analytics using a direct camera-to-cloud connection from multiple sites and combine any number of geographically distributed cameras into one system.


Our cybersecurity platform empowers modern enterprises to take autonomous, real-time action with greater visibility of their dynamic attack surface and cross-platform security analytics.

CyberLympha DATAPK

We work together with leading security experts on multiple successful commercial projects, which provides us with invaluable experience and knowledge that results in the development of a comprehensive ICS/IoT security framework.

Solarwinds (NPM)

Multi-vendor network monitoring built to scale and expand with the needs of your network. NPM is a powerful and affordable network monitoring software enabling you to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems and outages.


Choose our security platform or managed service to become a more cyber-resilient business. One platform for managed security services to solve all cybersecurity issues.

N-able RMM

Software, resources, and tools for MSPs and IT departments with best-in-class remote monitoring and management, data protection, and security solutions.


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We offer clients cutting-edge security and innovative technology services in various industries.

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