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Web Server Solution

A server is a computer or system that across a network distributes resources, data, services, or programmes to other computers known as clients. In theory, computers are considered servers when they share resources with client machines. Web servers, mail servers, and virtual servers are among the several types of servers.

SS Group is designed to serve as a one-stop centre for Shared & Dedicated Server options. Our high-performance servers are well-kept in the most conducive environment for maximum efficiency and lifespan.


Dedicated & Shared Servers

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a form of remote server that is dedicated to a single individual, company, or application. A hosting, cloud, or managed service provider deploys, hosts, and manages it (MSP). Have your own physical server to host all your websites and store your crucial data. The entire server is dedicated to only one customer and will not be shared by other customers.

Shared Servers

Shared hosting, as the name implies, includes one server hosting numerous websites at the same time. A single server can sometimes host hundreds, if not thousands, of separate websites. The low cost and ease of use of shared hosting are two of the advantages. Our shared servers are tailored to suit the needs and requirements of your business. With its resources partitioned up to serve multiple users, customers enjoy the benefits of lower cost and a reliable shared server.

Server Migration

The process of shifting data from one server to another is known as server migration. Security concerns and the need to repair equipment are two of the reasons for the server relocation.


Seamless Migration

We migrate workloads without disrupting services and with the least amount of downtime possible during the final cutover.

Fast Transmission

We transmit data over the Internet, Direct Connect, or a VPN connection. It analyses disc partitions and file systems to assist detect legitimate data on source servers and adjusts transmission methods as needed to optimise performance.

Strong Compatibility

On-premises or in a variety of popular private and public clouds, we migrate x86 physical or virtual servers.

High Security

For data security, we encrypt the transmission channel with dynamically produced SSL certificates and keys.

Server Maintenance

Server maintenance is the process of keeping the server up to date and running in order to ensure that the computer network of the company runs properly.

Our server maintenance package includes:

  • Checking server log files
  • Assessing hard disk space
  • Examining folder permissions
  • Monitoring network temperature applications
  • Ensuring adequate redundancy of systems
  • Examining security features
  • Installing security software patches
  • Reading server logs for security alerts or evidence of network hacking attempts
  • Updating antivirus software on all computers on the network
  • Updating critical service packs and software updates
  • Performing regular comprehensive back-ups to ensure that vital data is retrievable from storage in the event of system failure


Network Configuration

Our service plan includes setting up a functional network configuration manager, containing state-of-the-art tools that will allow the parameters governing network devices to be tweaked and modified easily.

We also place customised tools to monitor network performance so that resource utilisation and traffic can be analysed closely and continuously, facilitating optimisation and troubleshooting actions to keep the network at peak performance.

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