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Smart cloud video surveillance and video analytics for homes and businesses. The Ivideon Analytics service is available to small businesses. There’s no need to spend time and money on expensive hardware and software, installation, and complex integrations. To use the system, just connect one (or several) cameras of any brand. The solution supports 98% of devices in the video surveillance market.

Ivideon Cloud VMS

Worldwide Shipping

2warehouses located un UK and USA. Direct FOB China shipments from our factories to distributors around the Globe

Reliable Data Storage

Videos are encrypted on servers at our geographically distributed, redundant data centers

Integration with Business Applications

Ivideon integrates with various corporate systems, including access control, security, and fire alarms

Convenient and Cost-Efficient Data Storage

Store your video archives locally (in the camera or video recorder) or in the cloud – or use a combination of the two

Access to Videos from any Device

You can tune into your camera feeds from anywhere in the world on Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android devices

Smart Video Analytics

Use video surveillance data analytics to make informed business decisions

Ivideon Bridge

Transfer the entire business ecosystem, large or small, from on-site storage to the cloud using Ivideon Bridge:

  • Up to 16 cameras per device
  • Compatible with 98% of cameras and NVRs (ONVIF or RTSP protocol needed)
  • 10-minute setup, no special skills or knowledge required
  • Advanced cloud features without significant capital investments
  • Hybrid storage by connecting up to 1TB hard device and/or up to 128GB microSD card
Private Cloud

Ivideon services can be deployed on corporate servers in your company’s data centers, Suitable for organizations with special data storage security and processing requirements.

White Label

You can provide Ivideon services to your clients with your own branding. Your logo and corporate color will appear in the account, on mobile apps, and on cameras (as for private labeling, the price depends on the device quantity).

Ivideon Today

Missed out benefits of your shops’ actual data

Get vital data in time, utilize it to increase your profits

Know your customers:

  • Identify your target customer (gender, age)
  • Know the retention rate (how many customers have actually returned to the store)
  • Control the quality of service (how many people stood in the queue)

Control your sales funnel:

  • Transparent and accurate customer funnel
  • Know actual conversion rate for each stage of your sales funnel: passerby to purchase

Increase business performance:

  • Track the efficiency of your employees
  • Track the efficiency of your marketing campaigns
  • Benchmark your outlets between each other

Ivideon Tomorrow

Missed out benefits of your shops’ actual data

Opt for proactive & cost effective security

Keep your data safe in Cloud:

  • Unify all your outlets in one user-friendly management platform accessible from any device and location
  • You decide who has access to your system (create groups and manage user right)
  • Prevent the loss of data with Tier 3 level encrypted video storage & transmission; in case of damage or theft of servers or NVRs
  • Keep your data in the USA, all information is confidential and is not transferred to 3rd parties
  • Secure your critical camera’s data by arranging hybrid storage

Protect your property, staff & customers:

  • Detect and eliminate shoplifting
  • Prevent fraud by cashiers or customers
  • Identify suspicious activities
  • Investigate incidents and sort out disputes

Cut your costs on:

  • NVR and Server infrastructure
  • HDD storage
  • Local staff for monitoring

How Retail Analytics Box Helps to Increase Profits?

Retail Analytics Box is a marketing tool for offline businesses that utilize stream analytics to analyze consumer behavior and the impact of advertising campaigns. With Retail Analytics Box, you can measure the attractiveness of your outlet, the performance of your personnel, as well as:

  1. Measure the conversion rate of traffic into buyers
  2. Evaluate the performance of advertising and marketing campaigns
  3. Benchmark your retail units to consider the value of retaining the facility
  4. Calculate the cost of customer/visitor acquisition
  5. Receive insights to improve the operation of your retail units
  6. Perform the demand segmentation by demographics and customer preference

Challenges Business Face

Customer portrait and/or traffic structure is not defined

Lack of awareness of store traffic, dwell time, conversion rates* and its correlation to revenue

* Conversion of passersby to visitors and then to customers

No understanding of how advertising affects traffic and conversion rates

Difficulties in establishing target rates of traffic and average check for a new sales point, challenges in conducting measurements and hypothesis testing

Delayed response to changes in traffic and conversion rates at

Comprehensive and Customizable Dashboard

The results of the Retail Analytics Box are displayed in the dashboard. Create and customize your store’s sales funnel for the journey of your customer: passerby to purchase. Get recommendations to optimize your business processes based on data analysis.

  1. The number of visitors who walked past the outlet
  2. The number of visitors who entered the outlet
  3. The number of visitors who reached the cashier
  4. Number of visitors who made a purchase
  5. Total conversion of visitors to buyers* (* in % and dynamics)
  6. Insights based on collected data

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