AI Digital Construction Technology Platform (AIDCTP) 

The VwatchPro platform is a valuable tool for managing construction sites, tracking workers and vehicles, monitoring environmental conditions, maintaining facilities, assisting with helpdesk support, conducting site facilities audits, managing traffic flow, overseeing productivity, ensuring safety, generating analytical reports, presenting data graphically, and utilizing intelligent video analytics and real-time location tracking (RTLS) capabilities. Furthermore, the system integrates seamlessly with big data analytics, delivering powerful insights through business intelligence (BI), big data visualization (BAV), big data analytical services (DBAS), and database management (DM) features. With its Cluster Database Management Technology, VwatchPro provides a reliable and scalable platform for all these features. Additionally, VwatchPro is supported by AI Digital Construction Technology (AIDCT), enhancing its capabilities even further. Overall, VwatchPro is a modern and sophisticated platform that streamlines the construction management process by providing a comprehensive range of features and capabilities. Its easy-to-use interface and secure authentication methods make it an indispensable tool for any construction project, delivering maximum efficiency and productivity to the management process.

Modules with Explanation










V-Watch DSA (The Digital Site Access)

The Digital Site Access is a highly efficient system designed to manage pre-registration and site access for staff and delivery personnel. The smart access control management system comes equipped with various authentication types like FR, QR, ANPR, RFID, and Biometric, making it an advanced solution for modern-day security concerns. The system also utilizes Real-time location tracker (RTLS) and a single dashboard for monitoring and enabling digital check-ins and check-outs.

The system reduces manual registration processes and promotes eco-friendly technology. The software can manage different user levels, monitoring live people and vehicle headcounts, and allows exportable reports in Excel and CSV formats. The reports can be directly sent through email, and users with Microsoft 365 credentials can store them directly to OneDrive.

Additionally, the system provides for facial recognition registration through an HD webcam, notebook, tablet, or mobile phone. It is fully secured and guarded by three (3) layers of security, making sure that all registration data is protected and safe from unauthorized access. It also tracks work permits’ expiration and sends alerts to the dashboard when personnel or vehicles overstay their visit.  Overall, the Digital Access Control Module is an excellent solution for providing efficient security access control systems that not only improve site access but also promote the use of eco-green technology while protecting and securing registration data.

V-Watch SMS (Site Management System)

Smart management and site maintenance, and we are confident that our service, V-Watch SMS. In the construction industry, effective site management is paramount to success. Machinery and equipment play a vital role in achieving efficient operations, and it is essential to have a reliable and customizable platform to handle these assets. V-Watch SMS offers just that – a pre-customizable platform specifically tailored to the needs of the construction & Commercial Industries

What sets V-Watch SMS apart from other management systems is its integration of advanced technology. Our platform incorporates an IOT device management platform, ensuring seamless connectivity and control over all your devices. Additionally, our system includes incident and maintenance reporting tools, allowing you to identify and resolve issues promptly. Our dashboard alerts and reminders for scheduled maintenance will ensure that your equipment is always in top working condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

As site facilities management professionals, we understand the importance of keeping detailed records. That is why V-Watch SMS supports QR code device store history. This feature allows you to easily track the entire lifecycle of your equipment, from procurement to disposal, providing you with a comprehensive overview of each asset.

Not only does V-Watch SMS provide a powerful set of features, but it also offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. We believe that technology should simplify your work, not complicate it. With V-Watch SMS, you will have a highly valuable tool in your hands that will streamline your site facilities management processes.

We are confident that V-Watch SMS will be the solution to your pain points of smart management and site maintenance. We look forward to the opportunity of partnering with you and helping you achieve your goals. Should you have any further questions or require a demonstration, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

V-Watch AR (Analytical Report)

An analytical report module is an essential tool for businesses seeking to extract and analyze data from their operations. V-Watch AR is a powerful module that is compatible with third-party applications such as Microsoft Power BI, CSV, Excel, and PDF. It supports a wide range of visualization tools, including line graphs, bar graphs, histograms, pie charts, and Cartesian graphs. With the ability to expand to big data for business intelligence reporting, V-Watch AR is the perfect solution for companies seeking to gain valuable insights into their operations and make data-driven decisions. Its formal tone makes it an ideal option for businesses seeking comprehensive and reliable analytics.

V-Watch TLM (Time Lapse Monitoring)

Time lapse monitoring is a powerful tool for documenting the progression of construction projects. This technology involves capturing photos of the construction site at regular intervals over an extended period, which are then combined to create a condensed visual representation of the entire construction process. Time lapse videos provide a comprehensive overview of the project, highlighting key stages and milestones in a way that traditional photography cannot. This type of documentation is particularly useful for construction managers, investors, and stakeholders who need to keep track of the progress and timeline of the project. Ultimately, time lapse monitoring is an efficient and effective way to manage and monitor construction projects in a timely and detailed manner.

V-Watch RTLS (Real-Time Location System)

Real-time locating systems (RTLS), also known as real-time tracking systems, are used to automatically identify and  track the location of people in real time, usually within a building or other contained area. Wireless RTLS tags are attached to objects or worn by people, and in most RTLS, fixed reference points receive wireless signals from tags to determine their location. Examples of real-time locating systems include tracking automobiles through an assembly line, locating pallets of merchandise in a warehouse, or finding medical equipment in a hospital.

V-Watch IVA (Intelligent Video Analytical)

Intelligent video analytics has become an essential tool in today’s world for ensuring safety and productivity in various domains. V-Watch IVA is one such platform that specializes in construction analytics for site safety and site productivity. This platform offers support for both cloud-based and on-premises infrastructure, providing users with flexibility in their deployment options. With V-Watch IVA, users can leverage its artificial intelligence (AI) dashboard to receive 30-second video alerts, indicating potential site incidents. These alerts help users react promptly and take necessary action to prevent any further risks or damages.

The advanced analytics capabilities of V-Watch IVA can identify various anomalies and patterns in video footage, allowing users to monitor critical areas and optimize site productivity. Overall, intelligent video analytics platforms like V-Watch IVA are transforming the way businesses operate, making work environments safer and more efficient.

V-Watch ST (Safety and Traffic)

As safety traffic remains a primary concern for every individual, the V-Watch ST module provides an efficient solution to manage traffic control at various sites. The module comes with advanced features that include speed limit control, vehicle license plate capturing, vehicle authorization, and integration with intelligent AI traffic control. These features enhance a site’s safety and security by ensuring stricter regulation of vehicular movement within it. With V-Watch ST, one can be assured of the highest levels of safety and control.

V-Watch EMS IoT (Environmental Monitoring Solution)  

V-Watch EMS is a state-of-the-art designed to provide comprehensive environmental monitoring solutions. Equipped with IoT weather forecast devices, this module is capable of accurately predicting weather changes in real-time. V-Watch EMS also enables users to monitor and maintain air and water quality, inspect soil quality, and track solar radiation levels. With these advanced features, users can make informed decisions and take proactive measures to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment. Whether you are a facility manager, environmental consultant, or simply a concerned citizen, V-Watch EMS is the ideal tool for monitoring and managing environmental conditions. Its robust capabilities make it an indispensable asset for anyone looking to promote the wellbeing of their surroundings.

V-Watch SI (The Site Insight)

The Site Insight is a valuable tool for the construction industry, providing real-time information about project progress. Despite its usefulness, some may be hesitant to invest in this technology. However, we believe that addressing these five basic objections can help to dispel any doubts:

  1. Cost: While the initial investment may seem high, the long-term benefits of the Site & Insight module make it a cost-effective solution. It helps to reduce rework, schedule overruns, and communication errors.
  2. Complexity: The module is designed to be user-friendly with a simple interface. It does not require technical expertise, and training sessions are provided to ensure smooth implementation.
  3. Integration: Our software is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing project management tools, making the transition painless.
  4. Reliability: Our modules are tested rigorously to ensure their reliability. It is customizable to meet specific project needs and is backed by our 24/7 technical support team.
  5. Security: We understand the importance of data security in the construction industry, and our software uses best-in-class security measures to protect all sensitive information.

Overall, the Site & Insight module is a necessary investment for companies looking to optimize their construction projects. It offers real-time visibility into progress, helps to keep everyone on the same page, and streamlines communication. Don’t let misconceptions hold you back from adopting this valuable technology.

Reference Sites for Vwatch Client

Project: Tuas Water Reclamation Plant

Type of Service: Essential

Client and Maincon: PUB Singapore and McConnel Dowell

Project Duration: 8 Years (2019 to 2027)

Workscope Awarded: ACS, Site Wi-Fi, CCTV, IVA

Vwatch Scope: 20 Account Admin Dashboard, 60 Account Coordinator (Registerer) and 48 Packages with Isolate Database, 8 Years Reports, 50,000 Applicants

Project: Microsoft Datacenter

Type of Service: Information Technology

Client and Maincon: Microsoft and Exyte

Project Duration: 4 Years (2022 to 2026)

Workscope Awarded: ACS, Site Wi-Fi, CCTV, IVA

Vwatch Scope: 8 Account Admin Dashboard, 20 Account Coordinator (Registerer) and  50 Company with Isolate Database, 4 Years Reports, 5,000 Applicants