Why Should You Implement Our Pro VDI Solution?

Every 3 to 5 years, an e-waste campaign is held to recycle and restore old devices. This, however, has a detrimental effect on the environment. Extreme heat is used to recycle or repurpose e-waste which in return releases toxic chemicals into the air, damaging the atmosphere. These chemicals can seep into groundwater and cause irreversible damage to both land and sea animals. On top of that, electronic waste management can also contribute to air pollution.

To protect and preserve the environment for years to come, SSGroup provides an environmentally friendly solution which is “Pro VDI Solution”. It uses minimal energy and natural resources without compromising on functionality and performance.

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SS Group is sole Technology Partnership with NComputing in Malaysia

Again Why Pro VDI Solution?

We are experts in customizing solutions for enterprises up to multi-national organizations.

By owning our dedicated Research and Development team we could provide wide methodologies for solutions and integration ideas to fit their requirement level up to End User’s satisfaction. Each dedicated setup framework will be given as footprint architecture for the organization to be more organized. Below is an architectural example of a customized setup for our customers.

Why Pro VDI?

NComputing’s LEAF OS is a powerful software solution that enables clients to connect any PC to Pro VDI management virtual desktops. Upgrading to Pro VDI without additional hardware purchases. We are an authorised reseller of NComputing products, one of the fastest-growing server virtualisation solutions providers in the world.

Easy and Minimalistic Setup

  • Physical server deployment
  • Each user holds a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to connect NComputing devices
  • Connecting to your network using LAN or WiFi, and all of your users will have access to personal virtual computers that are compatible with the most recent versions of Windows

Cost Saving

  • Quiet in here. That’s because there are no fans or hard drives spinning around, creating heat that your air conditioner then works hard at removing
  • You’re saving money on acquisition costs, energy, and ongoing maintenance while reducing noise pollution

Productive and Reliable

  • Cheap components with few moving parts demand less upkeep and attention from IT, enhancing worker productivity and decreasing downtime
  • Centralised user session and device management empowers IT to spend more time on productive activities
  • The computing experience is the same if not better than having a full computer hiding under each desk

Cyber Security

  • To assist in preventing malware, viruses, and data theft, your antivirus protection has been centralised to one system
  • Website full protection including whitelisting and blacklisting protection
  • Ransomware and Cyber threat protection to avoid any open door issue
  • High-end infra security support system

Small Phase to Larger Deployment and Centrally Managed

  • Rejoice, the user data is easily backupable on the server. You are maintaining just one server as opposed to a large number of computers because the operating system and applications are both present
  • The firmware required for the supported access devices is included in updates for the Pro VDI Solution and is installed by pressing a single button
  • By using a health monitoring solution with real-time notifications, give IT peace of mind

Customer Support

  • Remote support in accordance with customer service level agreement
  • Onsite and offsite support
  • Yearly housekeeping and maintenance

Pro VDI Solutions Deployment Architecture

Excited to see our simple and minimalistic setup to be deployed in your working environment.

Above is the conceptual onsite deployment which includes the complete setup

Above is the conceptual offsite deployment which is more towards to centralized management concept

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