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Getting a network onto the cloud is also the first step to setting up a host server data centre and is necessary to facilitate the installation of the server virtualisation software and OS. Shift to the cloud with SS Group, your cloud specialist.

As such, we provide the necessary services to transform your IT network into a cloud-based platform. Once this is complete, the host server can then deliver its virtual desktops to the endpoint user, which can either be a zero client, thin client, or PC.


Related Products

Virtual Private Cloud

Multi-tenancy cloud with logically separated network and computing resources. Focusing on enterprise core competency and not on IT, clients opting for this service can also take advantage of all other services from SS Group Cloud.

Dedicated Cloud

A multi-tenancy cloud with dedicated resources, able to enjoy the benefits of public cloud without noises from neighbours. Taking advantage of the dedicated infrastructure to reduce the cost of some software licenses that was not catered for Iaas/PaaS environment.


An on-premise OPEX model. Great for workloads that need to be in close proximity with users and other infrastructure. Suitable for companies or government bodies that require to fulfill regulators and compliances.


Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions

  • Faster implementation and time to value
  • Anywhere access to applications and content
  • Rapid scalability to meet demand
  • Higher utilization of infrastructure investments
  • Lower infrastructure, energy, and facility costs
  • Higher IT staff productivity and across the organization
  • Enhanced security and protection of information assets

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