Beacon Technology


Low Energy Bluetooth Beacon

Bluetooth beacons are tiny radio transmitters with a range of 10-30 metres (inside) and up to 100 metres (outdoor). The benefits of beacons are self-evident: They are affordable, easy to install, can identify a position accurately up to one metre, and are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is also an extremely energy-efficient technology. Both client-based and server-based applications can benefit from beacons. 


IoT Bluetooth

We offer a wide range of Bluetooth beacons, including small portable beacons, waterproof beacons, wearable beacons, ultra-long beacons, as well as beacons for industrial applications. The installation of our beacons is straightforward and adaptable. The housing comes in a variety of shapes and colours, allowing the devices to blend in unobtrusively and seamlessly with any environment. Our proprietary algorithm and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology enable battery operation for two to eight years without the need for an external power supply.


Positioning with Beacons

There are multiple application scenarios for indoor positioning with Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. Here are some examples:

Asset Tracking

BLE beacons can be attached to valuable or expensive objects. When a beacon leaves a defined area (geofencing), an alarm is triggered or security receives a notification.

Software solution used: Indoor Tracking, Geo-Based Services
Sensors used: Bluetooth Low Energy (beacons)
Example of use: Investigation of Bicycle Theft


Employees and visitors in large buildings can be equipped with a beacon (ID card format). In case of an emergency it is then possible to determine the number and position of people still in the building and to evacuate them.

Software solution used: Indoor Tracking
Sensors used: Bluetooth Low Energy (beacons)
Example of use: Evacuation of Employees and Visitors

Inventory Management

Each object that should be tracked is equipped with a KBeacon. The position and characteristics of the objects (department, purchasing date, value, etc.) can be displayed in a web interface at any time. You can also use KKM Gateway or App to make our Beacon ringing, to help you locate by the sound.

Software solution used: Indoor Tracking
Sensors used: Bluetooth Low Energy (beacons)
Example of use: Inventory of Economic Assets on Company Premises

Indoor Location and Navigation

Beacons enable indoor navigation for shopping malls, airlines, or rail passengers. Using an app, they can easily find the right gate/track or important points of interest such as cash machines, restrooms and ticket counters. This works with Android and iOS devices.

Software solution used: Indoor Navigation
Sensors used: Bluetooth Low Energy (beacons)
Example of use: Intermodal Travel Planning

Digital Services (Mobile App)

Digital services help companies to optimize processes, further improve the customer experience and offer customer and business insights.

Software solution used: Indoor Navigation, Geo-Based Services
Sensors used: Bluetooth Low Energy (beacons)
Example of use: Digital Services for Hotel Guests and Staff

Tracking Solution with Information Display

A tracking solution with E-Ink display ensures the proper condition of hospital beds, facilitates the work of hospital staff, and enables a smooth process flow.

Software solution used: Indoor Tracking
Sensors used: Bluetooth Low Energy (beacons)
Example of use: Tracking Solution with Information Display for Hospital Beds

LED Identification of Goods (Pick-to-Light)

In large warehouses, indoor navigation and Pick-to-Light solutions can make picking processes more efficient.

Software solution used: Indoor Navigation, Indoor Tracking
Sensors used: Bluetooth Low Energy (beacons)
Example of use: Indoor Navigation and LED Identification of Goods in Logistics

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