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Wireless Solutions

Our high-performance enterprise Wi-Fi solution allows us to install and configure wireless communication solutions that fulfill a wide range of functions. We provide specialised enterprise wireless solutions to businesses. Our wireless routers are approved and are used for various applications, connecting businesses nationwide.

With the rapid adoption of broadband, IoT, and Industry 4.0 Revolution technology and applications in most corporate and enterprises, fast Internet connectivity is paramount. The critical infrastructure in ensuring connectivity is a good Wi-Fi network. The proliferation of devices has taken Wi-Fi performance to a new approach.


UInnovations: UISP Wave Technology

A true wired-replacement internet distribution platform with breakthrough economics. Extending wired infrastructure to new communities is a high-effort and costly undertaking. Wireless alternatives, while more cost-effective and flexible, come with significant performance compromises until now!


Leading Expert

SS Group is a pioneer in offering organisations with specialised enterprise wireless 4G solutions. Our 4G/LTE routers are SIRIM-approved and are utilised for a variety of applications, including linking businesses across the country.


Connecting Office Employees, Multiple Device Connections, Cost-Effect Network Expansion


ATMs & Branches, Foster Collaboration, Flexibility of Workspace, Value-Added Service for Customers


Mobile Kiosks, Branches, Agents, Mobile Phones Connection, Flexible, Accessbile, Convenient

Retail Outlets

Point of Sales, Credit Card Terminals, Wireless Wi-Fi Hotspots, Data Collection for Businesses

Key Features

Hotspot Management

With our cloud-based hotspot management solution, you can quickly and easily set up your hotspot for users and guests. You may restrict access, duration of use, security, and the websites that are allowed.

Fast Deployment

The Wireless 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot System enables rapid deployment anywhere and at any time without the need for physical cabling. Create a W-iFi hotspot for your visitors, clients, or mobile workers at any area, either permanently or temporarily for events.

Minimal Investment

With our subscription-based pricing, you only need to pay a minimal setup and monthly fee to get going. There is no need to buy pricey hardware or software.

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